The Faithful Fibre

The Faithful Fibre

Author: The Linen Thread Company Ltd

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A brief but well illustrated account of the spinning of fibre from flax and the development of what was the world's largest linen thread manufacturer. The company's roots go back to 1898, and its operations remained a significant feature of Northern Ireland's manufacturing scene until recently.

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Facsimile Book length: 65 pages

Published in 1956

Keys; Linen, Flax, thread, Textiles, Lisburn, Barbour, Knox, Finlayson

Contents :

1. Natures Strongest Fibre
2. In the Thread Mill
3. The Men who Built the Mills
4. New Horizons
5. The HUman Touch
6. The World Walks on Linen Threads
7. The World's Fish Harvest
8. Linen Fabrics
9. Synthetics and the Future Agencies and Offices

61 Illustrations :

Botanical illustration of flax plant, Payeux Tapestry, Mailbags, Fishing fleets (a supplier of nets), Parachute (supplier of harnesses), Harvesting flax, Scutching turbines, Hackling and combing, Roving and Spinning machines, high speed spinning room, Original Knox Gill Spinning Frame, Yarn twisting machine, Bleaching and dyeing vats, Winding cop, Wooden spools, Quality control, Distribution store, Barbour family, Knox family, Finlayson family, The Board members, Hilden Mill (ariel view), Dunbar McMasters' Mill in Gilford, Kilbirnie Mills, F.W. Hayes - Banbridge, Robert Stewart Mills, Bousfield's Flax Mill - Johnstone, Lindsay Thompson Yarn and Thread Mill, Barbour Mill - Paterson, Know Mill - Baltimore, Marshall Mill - Newark, Blue Mountain Mill - Anniston, Map showing worldwide mill locations, William E. Luke, Compagnie du Fil de Lin Mill - Marseilles, Vimercate factory - Milan, Frank and Bryce mills - Australia, Sao Paulo factory, Netting Machines (Ederer mill in Chicago), Mexican facilities, Machinery at BritishBraid - Peterborough, Netting Machine made by Porter-Spiers (Leicester), Tapes for Zip Fasteners (E.B. Hamel - Tamsworth), John Leckie factory at Don Mills - Toronto, Conceptual art of model town, Sport and social activities, Employee house, Hilden Village, Joan Peacock, Conceptual art of global company, Waxed linen thread used on telephone switchboard, Jacquard loom thread, Concept illustration of gill drift and shore seine nets, Trawler netting, Bird netting, Safety netting for cot, Lace table mat presented to Queen, Laboratory workers, Individual Company crests, Linen Thread Company crest/seal