Portland Stone

Portland Stone

Author: The South Western Stone Co.Ltd

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A short but well illustrated account of the quarrying of the distinctive limestone of Portland - stone that has been widely used in iconic British architecture. The black- and-white photographs here show development of pits, the workman preparing and splitting out blocks using rudimentary tools and equipment, and transport from the quarries.

This downloadable PDF is a digital facsimile, with some reorganisation of the images.

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Facsimile Book length: 69 pages

Published in 1933

Keys; Portland, Dorset, Limestone, Geology, Quarrying, South Western Stone Company

Contents :

1. Geographical Survey
2. The Origin and Foundation of Limestones
3. Chemical and Physical Analysis of Limestones
4. Properties and Classification of Limestones
5. Alteration of Limestones
6. Perrycot
7. Natural Deposit of Beds in Portland Quarries
8. Quarrying
9. Transport
10. Modern Masonry Production
11. Surface Finishings for Portland Stone
12. Natural Bed
13. Weathering Properties of LImestones
14. Selection of Stone
15. Defects in Portland Stone
16. Mortars
17. Stains in Stonework and Their Prevention
18. Metal Connections ion Modern Construction

40 Illustrations :

Typical section of Portland Stone quarry (annotated), Quarry Office, Boring holes, Mechanical excavator, Excavator digging down, "Ridding", Overburden, Driller at work, After removal of cap, Drilling through cap, Channelling with quarry bar, Removing "Roach", Panel of Perrycot, Annotated view of Perryfelds quarry, Stack building in Cottonfields quarries, Mechanical excavator at work, Arrangements of beds in Cottonfields, Depth of beds in Breston quarries, View along a "Gulley", Line between overburden and stone, Natural gully (cavity), Annotated picture of beds with joints and gullies, Separation of beds, Preparing to lift rock, Use of "Pigs" or rails to lift rock, Use of wedges, Vertical splits with wedges and "Scales", Quarry "Dog", Lifting, Use of electric derrick, Landing a block, "Scappling" a block, Quality control, Marking, Perryfields loading depot, Use of railway trucks, Motor-hauling, Trainload of stone, Trains leaving via Weymouth, Map of Portland