Leather Goods Manufacture

Leather Goods Manufacture

Author: Moseley G, C

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“There’s nothing like leather” was a slogan of the British leather industry in the challenging years of the 1940s, as new materials and production techniques competed with the old fancy leather goods companies at a time rapidly changing social and economic conditions.

While the wider range of leather goods diminished as a part of everyday life in the 20th century, the luxury goods industry continued to grow and is today a major force in global retailing and at its heart is an intimate association with leather bags and luggage. Recent years have also seen, in a different milieu, a revival of interest in crafts and a growing appreciation of hand-made items and their creation. New publications, courses and books are appearing to support this interest, and the publishers of this book have reformatted and reprinted Moseley’s classic text as their contribution.

Leather Goods Manufacture is a detailed and comprehensive introduction to craft of making leather goods. Written in 1939, it is essentially the leather goods course developed at the Cordwainers Technical College (later absorbed into the London College of Fashion) in the 1920s and taught until the 1960s. The title’s reference to manufacture should not put off students today - production was at that time small-scale and labour-intensive, so the techniques taught here still apply to fine leather work now.

Moseley’s book had become rare and much sought after, and it is hoped that this new printing - reset in clear type and laid out for workbench use - will become a helpful resource for a new generation of leather workers.

Contents Include:

  1. Classification of leather type, and of distinct leather goods
  2. Types and uses of reinforcements and linings
  3. Adhesives, work bench layout, and tools
  4. Exercises to demonstrate the construction of the various types of cut-edged, stiffened, and turned edged goods
  5. Making of gussets
  6. Construction of moulded, built up and box work
  7. Making of handbags and purses

Originally laid out in book form, the text is formatted in this new 231-page edition with the illustrative projects detailed as separate exercises.