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Our Texts

Hindsight Creations’ texts are digitally formatted and lightly edited books (and extracts from books), of interest to those with an interest in the fields of financial and business history, along with industry and craftwork.

For the most part, Hindsight has converted the text of original books into PDFs and EPub texts, and these are designed to be easily read and searched. These are not simple facsimile reproductions unless separately identified as such.

To further help the reader, Hindsight has will have often added materials such as hyperlinked chapter synopses where none existed before, chronologies to help in reference, and illustrations.

A Note on Copyright and Editing

A number of Hindsight publications are reformatted copies of earlier out-of-copyright books, many originally published in the nineteenth century. Some of these digital texts are offered at a price, and some for free, but all are copyrighted in their new formatted edition by Hindsight Creations Limited.

Such texts have been reformatted, but also have been edited. Editing is usually light, with some changes of spelling and replacing words. More rarely a paragraph, here and there, will have been largely re-written if it is thought by the editor that clarity is improved and flow of the narrative helped. The latter cases have sometimes been necessitated when the texts have been significantly re-arranged, with chapters moved or subdivided, for example in compilation of Morier Evan’s “Financial Crises” which was originally two, somewhat sprawling, texts when first published.

Academic Caution

The objective has been to make these text more accessible, and relevant - in particular for students of market history. However, if these texts are to be cited for academic reference, readers are recommended to check with the original texts, which are usually still available in printed form at libraries, or as digital facsimiles on the world wide web.


Authors wishing to have Hindsight Creations produce and distribute digital editions of their books via this website are welcome to contact us.